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Dormant Account Deletion for Zen Cart


With the implementation of GDPR, there is no advantage in storing useless data, so get rid of dormant accounts. A dormant account is where the user has not logged in since a date of your choosing but we’d suggest at least 6 months.
Dormant Account Deletion for Zen Cart has been developed to simplify this process.

What this plugin does

  • generates a list of all dormant accounts back to a date of your choosing.
  • gives you the option to export a CSV list of those dormant accounts to use with an external mail service such as Mailchimp
  • allows you to send an email from admin to all those dormant accounts
  • enables you to delete all dormant accounts with just a couple of clicks.


What this plugin does NOT do
Does NOT delete any orders associated with the accounts.

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Payment Type:  One Time

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Since the implementation of GDPR, stored data is not necessarily the friend it used to be, and indeed, can now even be considered a foe! Dormant Account Deletion for Zen Cart  was created to solve this problem.

Unless you're very lucky, almost every e-commerce site will contain a lot of dormant accounts - accounts that were set up in the past by people who had a good reason at the time but who have not logged in (for that one could nearly always read "not placed an order") for a long time. At the best, those people will have accepted old Terms & Conditions and possibly Privacy notices , but more likely, not given you any form of active consent by today's rules for you to store their data.

So it's probably a good idea to get rid of that personal information as in theory, you could receive complaints. Ploughing through your admin trying to work out who to delete and who to retain would be a life's work for many, so we've created this plugin to make it easy for you - our first "live" client deleted 26831 dormant accounts in less than 30 seconds!

However, rather than just wipe out all these dormant accounts, we're also giving you the opportunity to make an attempt to retain them and hopefully convert them in to active customers. There is no reason at all under GDPR why you cannot contact all these customers explaining that you currently hold their data, but as their account is dormant, you will be deleting it in 30 days in order to stay compliant with GDPR, unless they wish to keep the account, in which case all they need do is visit your site and login to My Account.

To this end, you can instruct your Zencart to automatically send an email, the content of which is editable by you in admin, to all these dormant account holders. Then 30 days later, you re-run the procedure for deletion and this time, as the list will exclude anyone who responded to the email and re-accessed their account, you then carry out the deletion process.

Whilst you can use this as a standalone process, it would be even better (assuming you haven't already done so) if you were to combine it with the implementation of our GDPR package so that returning clients have the opportunity to review and accept your post-GDPR privacy statement.

Support and Upgrades

The module carries free technical Support and Upgrades from the date of the order whilst a valid license exists. This does not include any configuration or testing of your own data that you may wish us to implement. We will be happy to do this for you, but it is billable at our standard hourly rate.

Note that whilst upgrades will be provided free of charge for self-installation under the Support and Upgrades service, should you wish us to implement the upgrade for you then there will be a charge for our time.

License Terms

  • The license is valid for use on a single domain name at any one time.
  • The license fee is £50+vat and is included in the purchase cost of the plug-in.
  • Upgrades may occasionally be released for self-installation at no cost. If JSWeb are required to implement any upgrade, there will be a fee for our time.
  • Any customisation requested by the holder will be billable at the JSWeb hourly rate.

Plugin Installation

Most of our plugins include installation in the purchase price. If your chosen plugin doesn’t cover installation, we can arrange it for a nominal fee upon request.

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