Facebook Pages For Your Business

It surprises me how many clients who run eCommerce websites I speak with each week who tell me, while they know they should be on Facebook, they just haven’t found the time to get started or don’t know where to begin. This must mean that their business is SO busy they can’t cope or think it’s too hard. Well let me tell you, the whole process is SO EASY and there isn’t really any excuses! Let me start by why your business needs to be on Facebook.

» Why do I need Facebook for my Business?

With Facebook already having over 750 million active users, 50% of which login on any given day, it’s so important for your business to have its own Facebook Page to communicate with your existing and potentially new customers, a chance to keep them up to date with your business news, products and special offers.

What’s more Facebook is So Easy To Use, be that via  web browser on your PC or your Mobile phone.

Companies like ASOS | TopShop | | Juicy Couture | Forever21 |Tiffany | Bloomingdales | JCPenney | FatFace | O’Neil are all using facebook anjd so should you! Still not convincedgo and check if your COMPETITORS are using Facebook – if they are then they are already one step ahead of you! If they are not, then this is your chance to get ahead of the competition!

  • So for those of you not yet on Facebook here is quick easy video to watch to get your Business on Facebook TODAY!
  • » Zen Cart eCommerce & Facebook

Facebook Shop for Zen CartFor those of you who’s business is already on Facebook or have just created one (using the video above), then now is the time to link together your eCommerce store with Facebook.

There are a number of options available to add Facebook onto your Zen Cart store such as to add a simple Banner, which when clicked takes the user to your new Facebook page, or how about a FACEBOOK FAN / LINK Box for Zen Cart which allows you to display your facebook comments/pictures on your eCommerce website (Sidebox).

What about displaying your products onto Facebook – is it easy? After all you really don’t want to have to manage both your Zen Cart store and Facebook to manage and update on a regular basis!

We’ll the good news is there is now a new module available that connects your Zen Cart store with your Facebook Page which will display ALL of your products on your own Facebook page. Think of it as a Facebook Shop!

You now have TWO platforms to show case your products and with minimum effort (See Module FACEBOOK SHOP FOR ZEN CART)

Once you have setup your Facebook page, please do tell us how you go on and where we can view and LIKE your page!

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