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Help with growing your business

For any business to thrive it needs a well thought-out business plan, a productive work location and a positive shopfront to entice potential customers. We can’t write your business plan and we don’t mind whether you work from Barnsley or the Bahamas’s, but we’re 100% here for you to create your very best online shopfront! We want your website to look stunning and we want the checkout experience to be flawless!

At JSWeb, our team of website professionals understand that this year is tough and everyone is being impacted by global events, but while we try to reduce our personal outgoings, it’s the best time for businesses to invest in their online presence. It was Titus Maccius Plautus who said “You must spend money to make money” – and the motto seems just as relevant today as it was back in Roman times.

If your business is reliant on its website, now is the time to upgrade, modernise, invest and grow. 

Invest and Grow

We’re encouraging all businesses to take the time to review their website software and keep it updated. Failing to regularly update business software is without doubt a false economy – the longer your website is left outdated, the more there’ll be to do and the bigger that outlay will be.

Also think about the way the website looks – trends change and a website needs to look very different these days compared to just a few years ago and in the current world needs to be very much “mobile-optimised”. We strongly believe our design team can provide the very best website from conception, design, development to launch! We’ll work with you to get the very best return on your investment.

What can we offer you?

We can offer a free assessment of your current website or prospective new website. Our project managers will advise you on how to bring it up to date, provide a responsive design to work on all browsers/devices, advise on PCI compliance, penetration testing and other security aspects, as well as help with integration to third party platforms like Google Shopping and Payment Providers.

How to check your website version:
ZenCart – the version is on the top right of the ZC admin page. It should be v157d. If it’s anything else you should upgrade.
WordPress – at the top of the WP admin dashboard. It will list how many updates are available. These should be applied on a routine basis.
Magento – The version is listed at the bottom right of the Magento Admin Panel.

At JS Web, we provide a range of web design services to help you grow your business. We’re experts when it comes to WordPress design and the implementation of WooCommerce to provide an easy to use, user friendly website for your business. Get in touch to find out about our SEO services too! 

We are here to help with any upgrade – simply open a support ticket and our team will assist you.

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