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JSWeb Enhanced Shipper for Zen Cart


This plugin replaces Advanced Shipper which becomes redundant with the implementation of TLS1.2

Please be sure to select the correct Configurable Option as you proceed through the checkout.

  • Built for ZenCart 1.5.*
  • Let the customers pay the actual shipping costs – not the store!
  • Deliver to anywhere from a single postcode to the whole world
  • Easily set rates for individual products or whole categories
  • This module will be domain-locked to your site and requires an annual license fee (currently £75)

Payment Type:  Annually

What does Enhanced Shipper do?

Save a Fortune on Postage/Courier Costs! TAKE FULL CONTROL OVER YOUR SHIPPING OPTIONS - this module is a MUST for any Shipping Plan that involves any of the following:

  • ship by weight, order total and/or number of items to anything from a single postcode to the whole world.
  • restricting delivery to one “region”
  • multiple delivery regions
  • destination(s) defined by postcode
  • a mix of methods (e.g if the total order value is greater than £X and the weight is less than Ykg)

This module will cater for just about any possible shipping configuration you can come up with!

How Does this work?

The Enhanced Shipper module allows individual products and/or entire product categories and/or all products from specific manufacturer(s) to have their own specific shipping rates!

There is no limit on the number of methods which can be defined, products/categories/manufacturers/the whole store can have multiple shipping methods if desired (E.g. “Royal Mail 2nd Class”, “Royal Mail Next Day” etc.)

If there are various shipping options for the items within a customer's shopping cart, they are presented with all possible combinations of shipping methods for those items, so they can choose the method (combination) that best suits them!

For example, if a customer has a magazine in their cart as well as a bookcase, they can be offered the choice between normal or express delivery for the magazine while having the bookcase shipped via a pallet service:

Being able to specify exactly which products/categories/manufacturers use which method(s) makes it very easy indeed to set up almost any type of shipping arrangement, including complex drop-shipping arrangements etc., something most/all other Zen Cart shipping modules can't do.

In fact, very few shopping cart software packages, commercial and/or open source, can match Enhanced Shipping's functionality as integrated with Zen Cart, never mind its ease of use!

NB. The price quoted does NOT include configuration of this module. JSWEb will configure it for you if you wish at our standard hourly rate.

Support and Upgrades
The module carries free technical Support and Upgrades from the date of the order whilst a valid license exists. This does not include any configuration of your own Shipping Plan that you may wish us to implement. We will be happy to do this for you, but it is billable at our standard hourly rate.

Note that whilst upgrades will be provided free of charge for self-installation under the Support and Upgrades service, should you wish us to implement the upgrade for you then there will be a charge for our time.

License Terms

  • The license is valid for use on a single domain name at any one time.
  • The initial 12 month's license fee is £75+vat and is included in the purchase cost of the plug-in.
  • The annual renewal fee is £75+vat.
  • If the license is not renewed, the module will cease to function.
  • Possession of a valid license entitles the holder to free upgrades as may be issued by JSWeb.
  • Any customisation requested by the holder will be billable at the JSWeb hourly rate.


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