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Zen Cart Security Vulnerability found in v1.5.7 and v1.5.8 series

Security experts have recently discovered a critical security vulnerability in Zen Cart v1.5.7 and v1.5.8 series, which poses a potential risk to customer address data. Versions 1.5.6 and older are not affected by this vulnerability. As a website owner using Zen Cart, it is crucial to take immediate action to patch this vulnerability and ensure that customer data remains secure and confidential.

The Zen Cart development team has released a security patch to resolve this issue. It is imperative for website owners using Zen Cart v1.5.7 and v1.5.8 series to apply this patch without delay. The fix involves updating one file via FTP, applying an SQL patch via the Admin panel, and running a checker tool to ensure that the patch has been successfully applied. Additionally, website owners using Email Archive Manager alongside Zen Cart will also need to install an additional update for complete security.

For those who prefer to have the patch applied by professionals, JSWeb is available to perform the update for website owners. To request assistance with applying the security patch, website owners can submit a ticket to JSWeb.

It is crucial for website owners to prioritise the security of their online stores and customer data. Failure to patch this security vulnerability could expose sensitive customer information to bad actors, leading to potential privacy breaches and legal consequences. By taking proactive steps to secure their Zen Cart installation, website owners can protect their customers’ data and maintain trust in their e-commerce business.

For more information on the security patch for Zen Cart v1.5.7 and v1.5.8 series, please visit the official Zen Cart forum thread here . To download the additional update for Email Archive Manager, you can find it here.

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