Zen Cart Tip: Remove the print URL feature from your browser

A regular task conducted by Zen Cart admin users is printing and sending their invoices.  Often the quickest way is to open the order and using the web browser clicking on File > Print.  However, one downside is that more often than not the website URL also appears on the print out.

We’re often being asked is this can be removed, well here’s a tip:

To stop the browser from printing the admin URL on the invoice follow these steps:.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
– Click on File then Page Setup
– At page setup window, remove these two character combination “&u” from the header or footer text box.

– Click on File then Page Setup
– On page setup window click on the tab “Margins & Header/Footer”. In the “Header & Footer” section set all of the drop downs to –blank–. (Or at least remove all instances of “Title” and “URL” from the various boxes.)

Other browsers offer similar menu choices to change these settings.