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Improving Your Business’ Branding

Why Is Branding Important?

In short, your brand is how your customers perceive you. With the popularisation of the internet, having a strong visual identity is no longer optional, it’s key!

If you stop to think about the effectiveness of major corporations like Apple and Google, you’ll notice that they have a consistent and deliberate approach to how they brand all of their products and services. If you were to ask someone to look at a standard iPhone, most would say they could identify that as an Apple product with little to no context. The same could be said for Google’s services such as Search, Gmail, and YouTube; the use of consistent fonts, colours, shapes, and themes re-enforce their brand to both new and existing customers alike. Having a strong visual language makes both of these companies easily identifiable and more memorable. This is one of the reasons these corporations flourish and make it more likely to secure repeat business for users and customers.

How Can JSWeb Help With My Brand?

We offer a number of different visual and branding services to suit both small and large businesses. The main focus of any branding work we take on follows one simple aim: We aim to improve how you are perceived. This could be something as slight as revamping a logo or as exciting as a full company overhaul including a full list of brand bespoke guidelines. Here at JSWeb, we know that everybody’s needs are different and that’s why our designers are happy to talk you through any project requirements to establish the best solution for your business.

When Should I Consider Working On My Business Brand?

ALWAYS! Take Pepsi for example. Pepsi has been around making delicious cola since 1898 and one of the reasons they’re still around and able to compete in a modern market is because their product and company branding are constantly evolving to match the world around it.

You should never stop evolving your brand. Businesses that do little to change their visual language often become forgotten or are considered stale. Imagine if you will, you had set up a classy successful wine tasting business in 1988. You go from meeting to meeting with a premium mullet and velvet suit complete with huge nine-inch shoulder pads! Your clients might think you’re pretty cool, some might even want to emulate and copy you as you’re a trendsetter.

Now let’s fast forward to present day 2018. Would you still turn up to meetings with the same haircut? Would you still be wearing that blazer jacket that’s far too big to be taken seriously… I don’t think so. It would be off-putting, unprofessional and almost rude in a way. Truth is no one acts this way (unless you’re my dad)  and we strive to keep up appearances by buying new clothes and keeping our haircuts on trend so that we look smart and presentable. Believe it or not, the same could be said for your brand. How old is your logo? Have you kept your website on trend? Is your company smart and presentable, or are you stuck in a bygone era that’s negatively impacting your business?

What Should I Do Next?

Our designers are happy to talk with you about any logo, graphic design, and branding needs. You can either contact us through our live chat or if it’s outside our normal office hours feel free to raise a ticket with us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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