.IRISH Domain Launches 5pm GMT today!



A New Online Identity for a Global Irish Presence

IRISH Email Graphic

.IRISH domain extension launches with Ireland at the forefront of the online economy

JSWeb, leading ZenCart and e-commerce specialist is excited to announce the release of the long awaited .IRISH domain extension. This domain allows businesses organisations and brands across the globe to register their link to the Green Isle allowing Irish institutions in many cities and towns to clearly show their Irish roots.The wide availability of this domain and the incredible links Ireland has to the world means that this is one of the biggest new gTLD’s (domain extensions) to launch since the ICANN announcement over a year ago with hundreds of new domain extensions planned to be released.

Peter Armstrong, Director of JSWeb has championed the release of .IRISH and called on all businesses in Ireland and the UK to secure their domain with .IRISH as soon as possible:

“Brand protection is very important to businesses of all types. Businesses should be increasing their online presence and important domain extensions like .IRISH should be registered as soon as possible to prevent local and international competitors from getting them. The .IRISH registry has a first come, first served policy and the initial few weeks will see many thousands of domain names taken. JSWeb is keen to see businesses and organisations, especially those with a clear e-commerce presence to be part of those initial registrations.”

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has been releasing or ‘delegating’ a horde of new gTLD’s (generic top level domains) since February 2014 and their presence is beginning to be seen with the expansion of these extensions to large businesses. As the worldwide web begins to expand and change even further, the need for institutions to expand and change with it are growing.