Times a’ changin’

Here at JSWeb we’re constantly trying to improve your online store with great new modules and updates to existing ones. Our developers have worked on some incredible new releases that we’re sharing with you today.

The great news is that we have worked with other merchants to bring you some of the best work to date.

Zencart V1.5.3

First however is a bit closer to home, the Zencart update has launched! You may have noticed already from the top right hand corner of your admin, a new version of ZenCart (1.5.3) has been released. Although there is little new in the way of functionality, there are a large number of changes/bug fixes/security fixes etc and we would strongly recommend that you keep your site up to date. This particular upgrade takes around 3 hours and the cost would be £175. Please contact us for a quote by going to https://my.jsweb.uk/submitticket.php and selecting the Web Development option to pencil in your update with our technicians. If you are interested in seeing what has changed with the new version of ZenCart, please visit http://www.jsweb.uk/manuals/zencart-changes/index.html

SagePay Direct

With the new version of SagePay Direct launching recently, we’re excited by the prospect of one-click shopping (almost). The update incorporates Sagepay’s protocol 3 (it’s very exciting for us, maybe not so much for any other normal person…) but more importantly, includes Sagepay Tokens.

Tokens allows your clients to register their card details with Sagepay so that when they return to your site for their next order, all they need do at checkout is enter their CVV number – not quite 1 click shopping, but almost!

For details about this plugin, please go to http://www.jsweb.uk/zen-cart-plugins/payment/ceon-jsweb-sagepay-direct-4-for-zen-cart

SagePay Server

Sage Pay Server is ideal if you want to accept payments online and by phone/mail order or welcome more customers with a choice of check-out options. It also helps with the administration of payments and reporting allowing you to know your monthly costs up front and improve efficiency with an easy-to-use reporting and admin tool. For more info check out: http://www.jsweb.uk/zen-cart-plugins/payment/ceon-jsweb-sagepay-server-4-for-zen-cart

All-At-Once for Zencart

How easy would it be for your customers to add ALL the products they wish to buy from a single page?

We have built a plugin for your ZenCart which allows you to display all your products from a category and it’s first level sub-categories on a single page and for your customers to add them to cart without leaving that page.

The really exciting thing about this plugin is that the customer can select multiple items and add them ALL to Cart with a single click!

See http://www.jsweb.uk/zen-cart-plugins/jsweb-mods/jsweb-all-at-once-for-zen-cart for more details.

Advanced Shipper 6

This great new update lets the customers pay the actual shipping costs – not the store! Deliver to anywhere from a single postcode to the whole world and easily set rates for individual products or whole categories.

It has been specifically updated for FedEx Rate Service v16, UPS XML API and USPS RateV4 API and IntlRateV2 API.

For more information visit: http://www.jsweb.uk/zen-cart-plugins/shipping-delivery/advanced-shipper-6

Auto-Recover Cart Sales

The original functionality of the Recover Cart Sales plugin remains in place, so you can still manually send an email or telephone the customer if you wish, but you now have the added advantage of automating the emailing process, saving you time as well as money!

In addition, you as storeowner can elect to be notified when a message has been sent, giving you the chance to take further follow up action such as a phone call – and, to put the icing on the cake, you can set a minimum cart value above which you want to receive that notification! Let’s face it, it probably isn’t worth chasing a $1, £1 or €1 lost order – it certainly would be worth following up on an abandoned cart of $100, £100 or €100!

For more info see: http://www.jsweb.uk/zen-cart-plugins/essentials/automated-recover-cart-sales-arcs?cPath=10_3_5&