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Website Service Agreement


Our website service agreement allows you to pre-book from 5 to 20 hours per month and benefit from reduced rates for website development.

PLEASE NOTE: The listed price is for an annual payment for 5 contracted hours per month. Your calculated price will be shown on the next page once you have chosen your hours per month and payment cycle.

Further information on the various package costs is shown in the table at the foot of the description below.

As you develop and improve your website over time, you may find that you frequently need our services for coding work. Why not take advantage of reduced hourly rates by taking out a Website Service agreement and booking our time in advance?


Service Agreement


What is a Website Service Agreement?

A Website Service Agreement is a contract for service between JSWeb Limited and your company. By purchasing a Website Service Agreement, you will be guaranteed access to our experienced staff of programmers for an agreed-upon number of hours per month.

What's in it for me?

  • You pay a reduced hourly rate for our services - the more hours you book in advance, the more you save.
  • You will have your own private access to our on-line Project Management System

How does the Service Agreement work?

The periodic fee is a retainer payable in advance; you are contracting for services to have our team of experts on hand for you at any time (during our normal business hours and subject to scheduling) you need to update or make changes to your website (see What sort of Work Requests are covered in a Website Service Agreement?). To access our staff, you simply submit a work order or "Work Request" via our on-line Project Management System and our team will begin working on the request shortly after we receive it.

How many Work Requests may I submit?

You may submit as many requests as you would like, up to the maximum number of hours of coverage for which you have contracted.

How do I decide how many service hours I'll need each month?

This is really like asking "How long is a piece of string?" and therefore we'd suggest that unless you already know from experience how many hours you'd need, you start with our minimum level (5 hours per month) and upgrade if it becomes apparent that it is insufficient for your needs.

What sort of Work Requests are covered in a Website Service Agreement?

Our Website Service Agreement covers a wide variety of request types. The following are generally provided under the agreement:

  • Upgrading to the current stable release of Zen Cart (NB. whilst minor upgrades can be just a couple of hours, recent major upgrades have been at least 30 hours)
  • Implementation of any patch releases by the Zen Cart development team.
  • PHP, HTML & CSS editing and programming (e.g.modifying the coding of your Zen Cart as required to achieve your needs, programming new functionality.)
  • Development and programming of existing Zen Cart tools or plugins created by JSWeb
  • Third-party software integration (including setting up of various Google tools)
  • Design and production of Web graphics and banner ads
  • Site integrity checking
  • Technical consulting via email
  • Tuition on Zencart matters

The following tasks are specifically not included:

  • Non-ZenCart development tasks
  • Modification/development of 3rd party modules
  • Origination of content copy (editorial/copy writing)
  • Product data entry
  • Substantial redesign of existing site(s)
  • New site design
  • Conversion of Flash-based functionality, navigation, application development or otherwise Flash Action Script-driven media design
  • Any video or animation work
  • SEO, Pay Per Click campaigns and/or management
  • The cost of any commercially produced plug-in as charged by the plug-in owner

From time to time Work Requests are going to fall in a "grey area". In such cases, requests will be considered on a case-by-basis, and we will make every effort to accommodate them and work with you to ensure your projects are handled quickly and appropriately.

What if I end up needing more coverage than I've contracted for?

Subject to JSWeb discretion, you may use all your hours at any stage during the payment period, but unused hours for any period may NOT be carried forward. The ONLY exception to this is that work requests received during the final 5 working days of a month may, at JSWeb's discretion, be carried over to the next period.

With our Service Agreement, you are entitled to purchase extra hours of service, up to your currently contracted amount, at our contracted rate (ie. if you are contracted for 5 hours per month, you may purchase an additional 5). Should you find you that you regularly exceed your contracted coverage, you will likely be interested in changing the terms of your coverage to include more hours per month.

What does a Website Service Agreement cost?

Service Agreements are a 12 month contract and and offer a reduced hourly rate for our service. Our regular rate is £75/hr (ex tax).

Prices quoted are exclusive of tax and are in Sterling; fees may be paid in other currencies at the exchange rate of the day.

Payment options /Hours per month 5 10 15 20
Pay Monthly £350 £650 £900 £1100
Pay Quarterly £1029 £1911 £2646 £3234
Pay 6-monthly £2037 £3783 £5238 £6402
Pay Annually £4032 £7488 £10368 £12672

Example saving - if you pay quarterly for 15 hours per month you would save £2916 over 12 months compared to the standard hourly rate.

I still have questions — how can I contact you?

For more information please click here and raise a ticket

Plugin Installation

Most of our plugins include installation in the purchase price. If your chosen plugin doesn’t cover installation, we can arrange it for a nominal fee upon request.

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