Are you on top of your domain name game?

New generic Top Level Domain’s or gTLD’s are the fancy IANA way to describe domain extensions, the suffix to any site or the .co.uk .com to me and you. Lets keep it simple…

What is happening is something really spectacular. Finally the ‘internet government’ have realised all the fun they could have with domains and how this would help the internet grow. Sophie Curtis from The Telegraph sums it up well:

In theory, this is an opportunity for brands to tailor their online presence to specific audiences. By registering addresses with suffixes such as .radio, .blog and .hotel, for example, companies will not only make their websites more memorable, but will also be immediately identifiable to both customers and competitors.

It’s really that simple. From a marketing perspective (my perspective) this allows brand awareness to skyrocket as it will automatically identify your business name with the industry. All of the big hotel brands for example that everyone already knows such as Hilton or Holiday Inn are already established within the hotelier industry. However instead of a hotel making their domain “themiltonhotel.com” (made that up myself!) the hotel can brand itself as “themilton.hotel”

This will do wonders for SEO making it easier for competitors to get one up on the other companies who do not have the .hotel domain. I would be surprised if Google and Bing did not adopt the approach to prioritising the domains that have categorised themselves within that industry. After all it makes sense!

Check out this video from Donuts Inc who help sum up exactly what is happening in the world wide web! It’s pretty exciting really!

ICANN have also released videos regarding each of the domain gTLD’s and what they mean to a company. I found this .TICKETS one to be quite interesting regarding authentication and how to use the domain registry to ensure that authentic ticket sellers are only allowed to use that domain. Pretty smart idea!

What’s your thoughts on the new revolution of the world wide web?

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Hope you have a great weekend!