Business as usual, Home-working and Covid-19

Mar 25, 2020 | Blogs, jsweb. News

We at JSWeb hope you are managing to remain in good health and are finding ways to minimise the effects of Covid-19 upon yourself, your family and your business.

For us it’s business as usual. We have established business continuity and systems resilience plans that operate all year round. Covid-19 is a serious pandemic and we will do everything possible to make sure there is little or no disruption to our company and our employees. We’ll also respond to the changing needs of our clients, and support them in whatever way possible.

Home working or remote working has been part of our company since its inception and we maintain a team of project managers, designers and developers who can work from anywhere. Our designers are in Birmingham (UK), the developers are presently based in UK, France, Portugal and Poland and other members of our team have worked from Asia, Australia, Sweden and USA. We think of ourselves as a global company, and we have systems in place to work and communicate from different continents and timezones.

JSweb subscribe to the view that it’s the duty of every technology company to help our customers be resilient in the present so that we can all rebound in the future. We understand that there is much uncertainty right now, but there will be an end, although we don’t know when.

We appreciate Covid-19 will impact different businesses in different ways. It’s one of the biggest challenges in business for many decades. For some it will be hugely damaging, and for other businesses there is a massive rush to maximise their online presence and make sure they can continue to sell their goods/services online instead of a physical shopfront.

Online shopping has seen a considerable upsurge, and with tighter restrictions on personal movement and the closure of “non-essential” retail outlets being introduced and enforced, is likely to continue to increase. This may well be the time to assess the condition of your website and think about whether or not it is able to handle an increase in visitors, current in appearance and that the software is running on the latest version (check the version number usually shown in your admin/back office area). We don’t really want to talk about viruses any more, but keeping software up-to-date is vital for the health of any website and to keep its data safe.

If you require any guidance or advice on how best to ensure your website is ready for the recovery, please contact us here.

Stay safe, stay in.