Don’t Lose Your Web Traffic: Content Is The Key for Google Panda and Penguin

Google Panda and Penguin Attack to help the webThe web is changing as we know it thanks to Google’s latest crusade (Google Panda and Google Penguin) to clean up the rubbish on the internet including spam, link farms and poor content. Professionals across the SEO industry have been trying to deal with the effects of Google’s purge and several prominent websites have been hit. We all rely on Google searches to filter potential customers to our websites and none of us can afford to ignore what is happening.

» What are Google Panda and Penguin? What do they do?

Google Panda and Penguin are both are new algorithms – Panda was rolled out in 2011 and is updated regularly, the latest update only being last week, and numerous websites have been hit and penalized for having low quality content. Google Penguin was released April this year. Both can affect millions of sites and are effectively a war on spam, content robbers, over-optimization, link farms and key word stuffing. The result is that those web sites affected can simply drop out of sight.

In other words web sites that have copied content, too many adverts per page and not enough original and unique content, repetitive and poorly written combinations of keywords crammed into every sentence, identical text, hidden text, dodgy or malicious links from other sites and too may irrelevant links are in big trouble.

» How can your Zen Cart website avoid falling foul of Google?

There is only one answer: make sure that YOUR Zen Cart website has good, solid content that reflects who you are, your business and what you sell.

» How to put good content on your Zen Cart website

There are a few tips to creating good, fresh and unique content on your Zen Cart that Google will love!

  • Spice up your Zen Cart Product Details. Add interesting descriptions to your products that will make them more appealing to your customers, and of course, the search engine! A simple Category and Product name on your Zen Cart are not enough!

  • A top tip is to start a Blog. A Blog is the ideal platform to have customer facing, super content that gives you a space to promote your business, interact with your actual and potential customers and get your brand name out there!

  • Be savvy with Social Media. If you haven’t created a Facebook page for your business, joined Twitter or LinkedIn it’s time to take the plunge. Google Panda is looking for good social networking so create a first class, well designed and regularly updated Facebook page. Start Tweeting and share those contacts on LinkedIn!

  • Rewrite your About Us/Why Choose Us – tell the world what you do and how well you do it . . . in depth. A couple of sentences don’t tell the whole story!

  • Source High Quality Links. Make sure that all your links are relevant! It’s no good linking to every website you can on the planet – you must make sure you link to web sites that reflect your line of business. If you sell cheese link to farmers markets, food sites and blogs, delicatessens not to double glazing! Make sure they are links to great sites that you wouldn’t mind recommending to your customers or readers. Add content to your links by describing who they are and what they are – and why you chose them.


» How JSWeb can help your Zen Cart Website

Below is an infographic (produced by searchengineland in conjunction with BlueGlass) covers how Panda works, what it impacts and the various updates it has undergone over time from Panda 1.0 through Panda 3.2


» How JSWeb can help your Zen Cart Website

Most people think that the biggest drawback to improving their content is the time involved. Wrong. We can help with advice and support, quickly pointing you in the right direction and getting your Zen Cart website back on track. What’s more we offer several Social Media packages that include creating Blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. We will even tailor our services to your specific needs . . . And we can write your content for you.

So let’s get started!

For more information visit our Social media Service at http://www.jsweb.co.uk/zen-cart-help-and-support/zen-cart-social-media – or give us a call.

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