The New .UK Domain is LIVE! *excitement*


The new .UK Domains launched on Tuesday 10th June and we are very excited about the amount of orders we’ve been getting!

Nominet, the registrars have reported over 50,000 orders within 24 hours of launch

Within 24 hours of opening for registration, new, short .uk web domains have topped the sales charts. More than 50,000 domains were registered, making this one of the fastest selling new domain releases on record

Our team are working hard to get all of the new orders through as quickly as possible. Remember to ensure you are the registered owner of any previous domain extensions before you register. For example, JSWeb is the registered owner of jsweb.CO.UK therefore we had first pick for the .UK extension of the same name! Alternatively, if no-one else owns any previous extensions for the domain name, you have the right to register .UK!

However please note: We’ve had a few customers who have continued with the orders when they are not the registered party. Please read the special conditions before ordering the new domain!

You can register your domain at www.jsweb.domains


Domain registrations are an important aspect of your brand protection as well as your brand awareness. We would advise all of our customers who have an existing .CO.UK .ME.UK or .ORG.UK domain extension to purchase the corresponding .UK domain to ensure your brand is actively promoted within what is clearly a very popular domain extension!

UK_DOMAIN_FAMILY_BLACKWe think most of the big companies who have existing .CO.UK domains will quickly add .UK to their online presence. Companies like the iconic burberry.uk, sainsburys.uk and bentley.uk have already joined the UK internet revolution. Unmistakably British brands with an unmistakably British identity!

We would recommend you jump on the elegant carriage and drive your business further into the world of the UK Domain Family!