Site Owners, WAKE UP, and smell the Panda!!

Jul 3, 2013 | Uncategorized

I often talk with site owners about how their eCommerce websites are performing only to hear the same response – “Not very well”, “Struggling”, “We’ve been dropped from Google” but what customers can’t tell is why and when I then ask the questions “have you heard of Google Panda”  I am normally met with a silence. Therefore, I thought we’ll go back to basics and outline more about Google’s Panda and the updates that have been in motion since early 2011 but people are just recently noticing.

Google Panda Overview:

The Google Panda updates are designed to reduce ranking for those sites with “low-quality” content. That is websites which have:

> Low-value add for users
> Copied content from other websites or
> Websites that are just not very useful (in Google’s eyes)

Instead Google Panda, will provide far better rankings for sites containing “high-quality” content. That is websites which have:

> Original fresh content
> Information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on.

Therefore people, these Panda updates are designed to target pages that aren’t necessarily spam but aren’t great quality, again in Google’s eyes.

Google Panda is a site wide penalty, which means that if “enough” (no specific number) pages of your site were flagged for having “low-quality” content, your entire site could be penalized!

NOTE: Many site owners complained that even after they made changes to their sites in order to be more “Panda friendly,” their sites didn’t automatically recover. Panda updates do not happen at regular intervals, and Google doesn’t re-index every site each time, so some site owners were forced to deal with low traffic for several months until Google got around to re-crawling their website and taking note of any positive changes.

If you think your Zen-Cart has been penalized by Panda then get in touch.

What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?

Take 10mins out to listen to Matt Cutt who told SMX West 2013 attendees that what to expect in the new few months in terms of SEO for Google.

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