Zen Cart mCommerce Module

Zen Cart mCommerceFollowing a previous broadcast “Get Ready 2011 Will See Online Sales Going Mobile” the JSWeb team are proud to launch a new module that turns your existing Zen Cart eCommerce store into a Zen Cart mCommerce mobile ready store! JSWeb Zen Cart mCommerce Solution v1.0

» An mCommerce Recap

mCommerce is the name given to e-commerce conducted through mobile devices such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants and other mobile devices with a wireless connection – including smart phones (iPhoQnes, Google Android), tablets (iPad, Amazon Kindle) and netbooks and notebooks.

Thus it is not surprising that mCommerce is emerging much faster than its fixed counterpart.

» Why Should Zen Cart Store Owners Consider mCommerce?

The answer has to do with the fact that we are all now in the era of “on-demand” consumption. In fact for more and more of us (especially the younger generation as it’s all they know) it’s swiftly becoming the expectation.

Zen Cart mCommerce meets this by providing retailers with the best way to get their customers the relevant products and services at the exact moment they are thinking about them.

This can be provided no matter where the consumers happen to be as long as they are carrying their mobile devices — which, let us face it…they are.

So the benefit this mobile channel gives to retailers is that it allows them to own that ephemeral moment in a purchase life-cycle that counts more than any other – that moment of impulse.

Switching your store to Zen Cart mCommerce mode opens it to a huge channel, allowing users to act now!

Note: If you are interested to read more about Mobile Commerce there is a fantastic “Classic Guide to Mobile Commerce” available for download at http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com/2010/06/11/mobile-marketers-classic-guide-to-mobile-commerce-2

» Tell me more…

For those of you using Zen Cart, the new ‘JSWeb Zen Cart mCommerce Solution v1.0‘ converts your existing Zen Cart eCommerce store into a Zen Cart mCommerce mobile friendly store.  This will allow your customers to browse and purchase from your store with ease from their mobile phone!

If this interests you (and it should!) then please visit the new ‘JSWeb Zen Cart mCommerce Solution v1.0‘ web page at http://www.jsweb.co.uk/zen-cart-modules/mcommerce/jsweb-zen-cart-mcommerce

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